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Device cannot boot

  • Ensure power button on device is in on position and device is connected properly. Check indication light on power supply.
  • If it still does not boot up, disconnect device from power for at least 30 seconds. Reconnect to power.
  • Contact your local dealer if it still does not boot up.

Device or App is frozen

  • Remove device from power. Allow at least 30 seconds to reset, Then connect to power.
  • Allow device to load fully. Delete browsing history and close running app.

Cannot connect to the Internet

  • Wi-Fi: Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled in settings and the Wi-Fi signal is Strong and the password is correct.
  • LAN: Make sure Ethernet cable is connected properly and receives signal.
  • Set time and Zone in Advanced settings.

Camera not working

Make sure camera On/Off switch is in the ON position.

No sound

Check volume settings in settings.

Cannot see display screen

Check display brightness in settings.

The TV does not turn on

  • The LED light on the TV should be "red" in the off and "Blue" when the TV is on.
  • Make sure the power source is supplying power.
  • Check that the LED indicator on the power supply is lit.
  • Insert a new battery into the remote control.

Verify new device with Google

As a security measurement, Google may send you a notification to verify this device is authorized to display and use your Google account. Please pay close attention to these notifications, as a negative response will prevent you from using your Google account on this device.

Can’t connect Bluetooth device

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled in settings.
  • Swipe down notification bar and check for pairing request notifications.

Can’t sign into play store / Google chrome

  • Swipe down notification bar, click setting icon, click Apps, in Chrome, Google Play services and Google Play Store make sure Permissions are on.
  • Sign in to Google play store and Update all apps, device will run slow while Updating Please allow time for device to update apps.

No picture and no sound?

  • Make sure the volume is not off or muted.
  • Check the cable connections.
  • Make sure the connected devices are on.
  • Make sure that the correct input source is selected.
  • Make sure that no cable is inserted in the Headphone jack.

The remote does not work

  • Make sure the battery is good and inserted correctly.
  • Clean the IR transmitter on the remote control.
  • Try the remote from a distance of approximately 1.5 meters directly in front of the TV set.

Why are the encrypted digital channels not available?

Contact your program provider.

What is DVB-T / What is DVB-C / What is DVB-S

  • Digital video output via an antenna.
  • Digital video transmission via a cable provider.
  • Digital video broadcasting via a satellite dish.

How do I select radio channels?

Select the radio channel from the channel list.

The picture quality is bad

Weak or No signal. Please check your Receiver connection.

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